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Electro-Harmonix Classics USA Big Muff PI Distortion / Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I have the current USA re-issue model Muff, and stock standard I was disappointed with the sound (probably more suited to modern grunge/metal more so than the classic 70's sound I was chasing - and for which it is marketed!). $5 worth of electrical bits and peices, and a local electrical tech fixed that for me by rewiring it close to early 70's model specs - and now has an awesome sound. EH should be ashamed to be marketing this is a true re-issue, cause as a stock version it had a completly different sound to when rewired to original specs - luckily the the curcuit board hasn't radically changed over the years so allows for relatively easy modding. Can see now why people rave about this pedal, nice smooth singing sustained distortion/fuzz - very musical and responsive. Very useful for David Gilmour and Rory Gallagher type lead sounds, but very adaptable to just about anything (in a word "BIG") Rig: Strat or Tele through - Modded Dunlop Wah Modded Big Muff Original Marshall Guv'nor Pedal Carl Martin Red Repeat BBE Soul Vibe BBE Boosta Grande circa 1971 Marshall Super Lead


Haven't had it for long, and nearly destroyed it doing home mod before sending it to a local tech. Very simple and straight forward stomp box which seems roadworthy enough. Easy to repair and mod if necessary.

General Comments

Classic late 60's and 70's blues/rock. Hendrix, Floyd, SRV etc.


With some cheap easy mods this pedal is exactly what my sound has been missing.


BEWARE: Stock standard I don't think the USA re-issue realy lives up to the hype and expectations when the advertising mentions names like Santana and Gilmour and terms like 70's sound. But with some cheap and easy modifications it can live up to its former glories.

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