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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I'm using it with a 50th Anniv MIA Strat (HSS/S-1) and an Ovation s771 acoustic. Everything sounds so amazing really. I play praise & worship, kid's praise & worship (routier and widely diverse), blues, rock, and a wee bit of metal when I can! This baby handles it all just fine. The pick, stompbox and volume response from the tube is fantastic. I need diversity - and this amp has it without making me carry a gajillion pieces of gear. I used it in a gig the morning after I got it - worked great! I'm doing some recording with it now and everything again sounds good. I did try the amp with the back removed, just to see how it would sound. Eh... don't go that way. It lost a lot of definition and I found the actual sound just wasn't as good. Also swapped out the EH tube for a JJ Tesla, and then a Groove Tube - the EH sounded much better. It's a great buy for everyone from beginner to enthusiast to some levels of pro's (who can probably afford many of the real amps this thing models... but who wants to carry all of them?!). Frankly amazing.


Dunno - it works superbly for now!

General Comments

Fantastic, versatile, enough power and variations to suit 95% of a working musician's repretoire. And it is a VOX afterall... this is the cat's meow IMHO.

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