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Sound Quality

The sound quality seems a tad shallow for some reason but not "tinny". I bought the amp for the built in effects which I enjoy switching around for different songs. The overall amp is very quite and nice for recording. The 65 watts rating seems actually low. This thing is loud!


I've had one problem. The industry standard plastic input jack came loose from the circuit board. The Amp Doctor in Old Hickory, Tennessee repaired the jack and resoldered every joint on the board. This even made the amp sound even better. On a gig once, there was a building short circuit and the amp blew a fuse. That was a 45 minute job having to take the amp apart to change a fuse. Fender should have had the experience to know that a fuse holder should be placed where it could be easily replaced.

General Comments

I've been playing for many years and have had many amps. The Fender Princeton 65 DSP rates very good with me.

The amp sounds good, is versatile using the effects, light weight with plenty of power. Not too small and not too big.

I would buy another one if I could find one if this amp was stolen or burned in a club fire.

I am planning to pull the chassis and install an easily changed fuse holder.

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