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Sound Quality

i love the sound ,clean ,clear,great for metal,im shocked at the cool presets ready to go in it,someone was thinkin rock,unlike some of the processors i have,or had or used,some of them presets they come up with,are pathetic,the tc g major is one of them......


still rockin....its sev yrs old

General Comments

heavy metal all the way,cant wait to hear the rocktron xpression,i really love their ease of use,some say they look outdated,so what ,it sits in a rack,i guess they could put a fancy front on,with pretty lights,then they could jack up the price and you and i could suffer.or they could just keep it simple and affordable,i also use some more expensive stuff,but still love this product,I guess if judas priest uses this,and dave mustaine uses rocktron,and their sound its awesome,.........enough said

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