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Sound Quality

The various sounds range from crappy to awesome and clean to over the top distorted. I found several sounds based on Peavey 5150, Marshall, Mesa and other amps that I really liked. I had several custom sounds I made and also liked the preset Boston, Van Hallen, Mettalica, and Satriani sounds. Not quite a tube sound but the range of sounds is incredible. It was difficult to learn how to make your own custom sounds which was a big drawback. But the range of sounds and tones is great. But don't expect the real 51050 or real tube sound,,,you will get something close.


My amp never broke down yet...though it seems to be getting a buzzing sound. It still sounds great, I've gigged with it w/o backup. It is loud but Live I had to run it through the band's PA as well. Key board player and drums drowned it out. No maintenance issues and I've used it a lot.

General Comments

Good rig but don't compare to a tube marshall or Peavey...not fair comparison cause of price difference. This is a good versatile 2x12 combo that gives you a lot of sound options. I've used it extensively since 1997 without problems and it really makes some great sounds. Definitely can gig with it...may need help of a cab or a PA though. If it were lost I'd get another on ebay,,,, they are now pretty cheap.


I've been playing on and off for 20 years and seriously the last 8. My guitars include an EVH Wolfgang, Gibson Les Paul DC Standard, 2 Fender Strats, and a Custom Carvin DC127. They all sound great and I gig mostly with the Carvin, EVH and Gibson. This is now my backup amp since I bought a new marshall halfstack. In fact, I am

considering using this for a few songs since I really like some of the sounds.


Bottom line: A great little package....if you can a clean one used for 300-400 dollars I'd jump on it!

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