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Sound Quality

reminds me of the bad sounding grunge pedal crossed with a big muff. has lots of sustain, thick creamy sustain, but it sounds like shit. i've used it with guitar (mostily strat copies w/ bridge humbuckers) and basses (mostily passive p-bass copies) and the best sound i got was from a mexi-strat + grind pedal + fender 25 watt bass combo. two weird points: 1. the output has always been really low, even with the blast maxed. 2. when running a bass through it, it kind of almost turns clean and really weak when you hit certain notes, other notes are super distorted?


just because it worked the last time i messed with does'nt meen anything, it's a DOD. to quote me frend, "it's like fisher-price for guitarists."

General Comments

i have no clue why i still have this, beyond it's pure joke value. better yet, all new guitarist should be issued these as a reference on how not to sound. if someone stole it, it'd be more their lost than mine.

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