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I wish someone would do a feature on Fatar/Studiologic and try to ascertain the company ethos and explain it to the professional community. I know they do work for other keyboard brands but how is it that they recycle their controllers in such odd ways. They had super complex controllers in the late nineties, then stripped down ones, then cobbled quasi useful ones and just odd tradeoffs regarding features and price. They sold quite a few SL880s even though many had problems with the user interface and bare bones LED programming. They've had mothership stuff that rivalled the best that Roland ever put out but then they fall back. I'm clueless. I currently have two SL990s, ST900 and now the SL990XP but have owned their Studio 90 when it first came out. I have always use an ANATEK PocketCurve to enable more subtle control when using Fatar's hammer action controllers.

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