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Sound Quality

This thing is amazing!! Im a huge fan of Korg Kaoss, Alesis Air FX, Roland D2 "d-field" and any type of device that lets you control without menus. I hate menus. This baby is a total tweakers delight. Major great sound variations that will blow any experimenter away. I really cant believe the sonic flavors coming out of this thing. Its too cool, but you gotta tweak it and play with it to get it to really purr. When you do get it purring, its really addictively FUN and unique sounding as you can imagine,


Seems solidly built. Well-made steel construction with tight knobs and controls. The outlook is good. No problems so far. --not built of plastic like so much of the crap out there today.


General Comments

This pupply is a must have if you are a non-menu type of tweaker. In that sense it is truly innovative and a very cool device. I really cant imagine selling it because its one of those keepers that will provide years and years of great fun. Its unique for sure and will help give my music a unusual touch that I crave. I love it when somebody asks me "how the heck did you do that?" (heheh) Thats what I live for....and the EF-303 definately helps. :}

Reviewer's Background

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