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Sound Quality

I have yet to buy this.I have several freinds in the area's top notch bands that use this edal and they all swear by it.I just recently tried a DOD through my Marshall SL-X.And whoa!!!!With the right setting it was like the same amp but bigger.Power chords rangout,leads jumped out of the cab like never befor.And with the leval slider boosted a few and the amp(50W)on 4 1/2 I could get long sustainy stretchs to slowly breakup into perfect controled feedback.I ran mine infront of the amp not through the loop.The DOD I tried had the typical DOD switch problem so I plan on getting the Boss in a few days.As for the guy that said don't boost only cut to avoid feedback,I just don't know what to say.Thats about like saying don't stretch your strings on a lead cause they might break.On a typical professionaly run 31 band PA EQ you should have an S curve.The mids are were your vocals,guitar,snare are.The same goes for guitar.The V shaped EQ will giveyou big power chords and crunchy distortion but your leads won't CUT.Running all slider below 0 will basically cut your tone,totaly stupid,I'm not saying that ou want to boost a freguency to MAX but certain frequencys will ned to be boost some cut.If you get uncontroled feedback find the problem slider and cut it a hair.But to run under 0 cause your afraid of feedback or hiss is defeating the purpose.


I know Boss is tough stuff.

General Comments

Working on getting one next week.

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