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Sound Quality

I use the Digitech 2101 (Artist) going through a Marshall 8008 stereo power amp into two 4x12 Marshall Valvestate cabs (they fit in your trunk better). The 2101 is a clean, quiet unit that once again with a little tweaking can blow your head off with tone that you can get out of this single rack. Every effect in it tonally sounds excellent but I don't recommend that the vintage player looking for that old fender twin tone purchase this any time soon. I play many different guitars through the unit and each one sounds like it should. You still can tell which guitar you have in your hand when playing through this unit.


I have had no problems with the unit that is out of the ordinary, besides dirty jacks and that sort of thing. I've used it as my main rig for as long as I've had it and feel that it's very reliable. If you take care of your things you seldom have any problems with them.

General Comments

I would cry if it ever got stolen or dammaged, and then probably buy the 2120. I love this unit because it does everything I need it for from Hard Metal tones to Blues. I use it all the time, make my own patches everyday, and it still kicks as much as it did the day I heard it for the first time. I shouldn't really give this away but a small secret in my rig that took the tone of the 2101 and kicked it into the next century was the BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer. It takes your highs and lows that are already there and cleans and tightens them right up to the point where it is quite a difference. I recommend this unit to all that is cool!!

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