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Sound Quality

This is where the Cort stands out most in this price range. I have played most of the major brands on the market; the Cort has the sound qualities of a Taylor or Larrivee! Very solid base tones and crisp bright highs make this an excellent choice for stage or studio. I have played it finger-style as well as flat-picked; both styles were excellent in tone and clarity.


Solid as a rock! This thing was built to last for a very long time. The scalloped bracing is superb. The base woods are choice materials with excellent bookmatching on the front and back. The strap button is well mounted for good pick-up contact with sound cords. The Fishman pickup is sweet with a five control EQ (bass, mid, high, tone(bright/mellow), and volume).


General Comments

I've been playing for 10 years. I've been playing mostly acoustics for the last 5 years, Martin's and Robelli's. I chose this Cort as my first "jumbo" style based on playing over a dozen jumbo's at Mar's and Guitar Center over a three month "audition period". The Cort can hold its own against any jumbo, or dreadnaught for that matter, below $2000. I don't let a headstock logo sell me on a guitar and neither should you. Look, listen, and let the guitar do the "talkin".

Reviewer's Background

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