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Sound Quality

One of the most smooth and creamy sounding phasers I have heard in over 25 years of playing. One of, if not THE nicest. The sound is subtle and rich and adds a tiny bit of fullness which is normal for a phaser. The effect is subtle and incredibly musical. Great for all kinds of music and with/without distortion. Sounds a LOT like a Univibe. Speed goes from VERY slow to very fast amking for a wide variety of sounds.


This one is over 20 years old. The steel case is the heaviest I have seen or felt in a stomp box. Still works perfectly after all this time so that says it all.

General Comments

I play all kinds of music, from subtle to heavy. Would work well for all styles, from Jazz to Metal Crunch as the sound is just SO musical and clear. Does not alter your basic tone, just adds movement and a beautiful subtle swirl. 100% musical and highly pleasing to the ear. Find one if you can, it really sounds great!

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