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Sound Quality

I'm using mostly super strats with DiMarzio super distortions, and Seymour Duncan JBs etc. at the bridge, into Marshall amps. It's not noisy because it's a Boss. Boss makes great stuff. It sounds better through a clean amp. It sounds pretty good through a distorted amp too. This effect is kind of hard to describe. It's a spacey kind of sound. It's more intense than a phaser. I sometimes add a Boss DD-5 digital delay to this effect to make it even more out there. Sometimes it sounds thunderous. I played a DOD flanger years ago and I think it sounded better. But then again that was about fourteen years ago, so who knows? I've read that Malmsteen owns one of these. And he's one of my favorite artists so I'll keep it. It's a fun effect. But I get tired of it after about fifteen minutes. My cousin heard me playing it once and said that the effect sounded like Heart.


It's a Boss. So it's reliable. No need for a backup.

General Comments

I play rock and metal type of tunes. Mostly 70s and 80s stuff. I've been playing for twenty-eight years. I own about seven electric guitars, two Marshall amps, and about seven pedals. I don't know if I'd buy another. I may though, because nothing else sounds like this. You can get all kinds of tones with this pedal. Here's what I named some of my settings: 'outer space', 'the UFO has landed', 'twelve string reverb'. 'laser guitar', 'slow space tunnel', '1950s space movie', 'flange on ice', 'space sitar', etc.. If you want a one of a kind effect, this may be what you're looking for.

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