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Sound Quality

i use: epiphone sg 400 > boss cs-3 compressor/sustainer > digitech x-series hot rod > boss ge-7 graphic eq > korg ax100g > marshall mg100dfx tis good - once you know what you want. mr. slash uses it for feedback, so he probably adds treble, some people make a decent rhythm tone (metal bands have scooped mids or hightned bass or what ever) good for blues too. i think it's great. works as a feeedback reducer if you put the sliders below 0 (it goes down to -15) only problem is this can reduce volume a little



General Comments

I play noisy punk, indie, bit of metal, jazz and shred. works for me. i like it, problems are specified in my review but they don't amount to much. this pedal dosn't do *too* much for the clean rhythm (i.e works well with distortion) which is a bummer. so... 9

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