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Sound Quality

This is the best plug in I own. I have not had the pleasure of using any of the high end plug ins, but I'm sure this one would fit in. There might be better enhancement plug ins out there, but good luck if you want to find one that sounds as good as this for $100. (I sure haven't!)



General Comments

There is one review here about how they were able to create the same effect on Cool edit as this plug-in. Well cool edit is $300 and I don't have the time as it is to play around trying to get a good sound. The less knobs and adjustments I have to do the better. It works really well on vocals and for what I record, I prefer to use it on individual tracks instead of using it in the final mastering.

I had been frustrated with the quality of my recordings up until this plug in. It really does add that professional sound.

Reviewer's Background

Home recording for aprox. 6 years. Christian songwriter. Plug-ins I own: Cakewalk dynamics processor, PSP, DSP, Sonic maximizer, and a few others. I record mostly keyboard samples and vocals and a little bit of guitar. I use Sonar.

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