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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

i have been playing semi-pro for 25 years. have always hated dod and digitech (sorry) i play semi hollows into clean fender amps. and God Damn this is a dream come true! i have used a boss od 3 for 2 years for my od/crunch tone. (let me note i own keeley, and a few other high end boutique pedals). well this thing shows the od 3 for the raspy thin pos it really is. i just bought a second BM last night, as this will be my main tone. (bosstone or keeley 3-way rat on top for hot leads) this fixes all my ts-9 complaints. hey tone snob, have you played 500+ live shows? build and mod your own pedals? didnt think so. i doubt you ever owned this pedal. why are you going out of your way to review this box that a true tone snob would never consider. LOSER


the switch concernes me a bit. time will tell

General Comments

i'm thrilled i stumbled on to this. Thank you all for your accurate reviews here on HarmCent. great value, great tone, monkey time! i felt like a dick asking for it at the counter of guitar center. now i'm laughing at the 60.00 i spent for two of them, and at thought of how much time and effort tone snob will spend being mediocre. i will wrap by saying, i cannot spell well and rarely use punctuation, but i know a new classic when i hear it. i dont even mind the name anymore. it has the charm of a orange grestch. MUCH love to you all in the comunity. see ya tonight in the clubs.

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