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Sound Quality

My main guitar is an Ibanez Radius with SSH. Since I am not into HEavy or NU rock the gain serve my needs (actually sometimes I reprogram part of my patches because it sounds too heavy. Only to rebuild old settings some time later). For those who are stating that this is a Solid State unit: go change the tubes for differen types and you will see that those two change the sound dramaticly. Compared to some "puretube-amps", yes, there are a lot of chips inside (and sure lots of them affect the tone), but the tone of this unit is nice. Noisy... yes it is noisy. In the Overdrive sections. When you are not playing. But when you start playing you will not hear it (well, just if you let a tone ring out, but that's okay for me). I wasn't convinced with the crunched sounds I could get from the overdrive channels (I am talking about those which are just "clipping" from clean to crunch). For that I am using one of the clean with high gain and low volume settings, but that is a matter of taste. Rating 8: the sounds suits perfectly for me, minus 2 for the noise.


Bought it used. Pay it for 3 years now, no problems yet.

General Comments

Even though setting sounds is quite easy I am missing the possibillity to "see" my sounds (on my 8240 and on any other non-Midi amp that works. I think Engl has done a good job on their new Midiamp with those Leds around the potis).

Another thing I'd like to see in a JMP-2 would be more MIDI-contorl (like someone stated maybe some realtimecontrol for some function, at least "switchable" channels: it shouold be possible to save settings for all 4 sounds in one patch and change them via Command Changes).

Since I have the JMP in the Loop of my GX 700 right now I am abuse the JMPs Loop as a Loopersystem (having a BOSS AC2 in it). A great deal for the JMP-2 would be more loops (realtimecontrolable), some before some after the preampsection (well, where the loop is right now).

Well, Marshall did a great job with this Preamp (actually I have to wonder about that guy having played Marshall stuff for all those years and all the different Marshallgear just too find out it sucks... if it takes you so long to find out just wash your ears, if it's not your sound fine... for those who seek Marshalltone: it's perfect.. if you use it with a tube poweramp)

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