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Sound Quality

I used this thing on 2 different fender twins, on a 40w marshall valvestate and on a little blues junior Fender (tube) amp. The good thing about this effect is that it rocks for jamming sessions and for versatility BUT when you go in studio or mike the amp for a show it shows its weaknesses.. the distorsion is a lot like "schhhhhhhhh" more than a real cool distortion and EVERY soundman i met all told me it was a difficult pedal to get a good miked sound of. And i think there right.. but the thing sounds real cool on the fender tube amp.. it takes a nice color with a little bit of overdriven tube. So..bottom line: youre a young player and want to make so badass noise? try this.. but if you are really serious about your sound and plan to go in studio RUN AWAY from this! :P


build to last i havent been nice with it and i never had any prob.

General Comments

I play mostly punk but i like to try different things (jazzy stuff, metal, weird noises..etc) it is cool for everything but its just not

perfect. I think the EQ is cool on it but not the distortion..

if it got stolen i would be like.."woohoo, gonna get something else!"

but i have to say im really picky about distortion and for now i havent found any distortion box that blew me away.

If i had to replace this one i guess i'd have to go out and buy a mesa-boogie rectifier..hehe :)

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