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Sound Quality

Hard to play with a snapped neck.


Couldn't even withstand shipping. And there was no visible damage to the box either!

General Comments

Been playing over 20 years. I own dozens of different brands, on the surface the Greg Bennett line looked great, but I'm finding out the hard way the bulk of it is trash.


This is the last Greg Bennett I will buy. I have a JZ-133 which is fairly nice, but most others are plain poorly made. I had a Bennett Torino that was really bad too. I suspected that to be made in their Indonesia plant, and guess what, this one came with a made in Indonesia sticker on it. I can only assume the better ones like the JZ133 semi hollow and hollow ones are made in their more upscale Korean plant.


I bought it from Kwim-V.com, whose service was terrible. It took 10 weeks to finally get it and over a dozen phone calls and e-mails. Now I got to send it back and wait for my refund.


I cannot in good conscience recommend most of the Greg Bennett line or Kwim-V.com anymore. Look elsewhere is my advice.


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