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Sound Quality

It suits a lot of musical stylings. It can go from a Tele sound to a unique crunch with sustain and feedback if desired. I prefer using the upper pickups unless doing 60's type stuff, where I want the 'BIG TWANG)! Yeah I like a dark growling tone with options open to 'get out of it'.


Sure it'll put up with anything short of being beaten to death or slammed into a wall in the middle of punk fury, temper tantrum. Yeah I'd use without a back up. It's just more fun to occasionallly switch off. Speaking of which I'm considereing a Burns guitar for a strat type sound. Yeah it's an Eastwood.


General Comments

Played a long time...not much of a lead player. I compared to a lot of guitars. I found guitars that would resemble certain settings, but very expensive. Like a nice Gibson V7 Firebird. Not worth the extra $$. Even a Les Paul offered some nice 'crunch time' but I got it. I rarely use the individual volume controls. I suppose I'd get by nicely without.

Reviewer's Background

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