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Sound Quality

Let me tell you guys. If you need a good flanger. look no further. The main reason I purchased this was because I discovered that Ernie Isley (from the Isley Brothers) uses one. When combined with any distortion you nail his sound . You can hear examples of his solos using this in The Isley Brothers albums "Mission to please" and "Eternal". This is also heard in Ernie Isley's rare oop cd "high wire". This pedal gives you that jet sound. Some people get flangers and phasers confused. Well this pedal will clear all confusion. With this unique sound you can easily tell the difference. If you mess around with the settings, you can get a "metallic drum" or "sitar" sound. Some people don't like the metallic sound when dealing with effects .some do. all depends on what type of music you play. I use this pedal in conjuction with a Boss DS-1 distorion and Mxr phase 90 and a Dunlop GCB crybaby. I play all these through a Johnson( made by Axl) strat through a 20 watt combo amp. In other words ....great sound.


Yes sir I can depend on it. I use it in my recordings and playing live

General Comments

If you want a good flanger. get this one. you may even want to check out the never bf-3 model. Nothing in particular I don't like about this it is just that it is a lot of trouble if you are going to resolve to using a 9 volt battery. you may want to just stick to the ac adaptor

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