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Sound Quality

Unlike most BF-2's out there, this one was used with synthesisers, especially with digital ones which lacked internal effects. An analogue pedal like this can spice up the sound very well, though the BF-2 is perhaps not the best choice for this. Even on light settings, you can tell that the flanger is doing its job and it can emulate a "filter sweep" effect very well. On the downside, it is quite noisy and it colours the sound considerably. Things can get problematic if you have to switch it on or off somewhere in the middle - the change in level of the sound is very noticeable and abrupt.


Very good. Never had any problems with it and it performed flawlessly.

General Comments

The BF-2 does breathe life into boring, sterile sounds, but not quite enough to justify its presence in my set-up. For an analogue pedal, it sounds surprisingly cold and uninspiring. Also, the flanging rate wasn't slow enough for me. This is why I sold it after nine months. It did make it on some of my songs - please e-mail me at "sartre@siol.net" to hear it in action.

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