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Sound Quality

Okay... I give it a ten here... allow me to stress. "For what it's good at!" This unit has a very digital sound. It's hard to be warm and smooth with it. For most guitarists, that's a bad thing. For the cold, industrial, digitized sounding guitar, it can't be topped imho. Distortions can be very harsh and the resonators make them extremely metallic. No other distortion sounds like the ones in this processor. I learned about the unit through Trent Reznors use of it on the Broken EP. Two guitarist friends of mine have them, and I borrow them frequently... so I'm looking for one now. Great unit for industrial guitar. The 9050 offers basically the same setup with more patch locations. But it's quieter and I'm not sure I'd like that for my purposes. Other than the industrial application, I'd go 9050 over the 9030 all the way.


These units have rather cheap little cases. The lithium batteries do run down. One of my friend's units won't accept the expression pedal input... since it was new. I'd be nervous of it in a gigging rack, due to the cheap construction. I'd probably want a backup. I've seen too much go wrong with these. Not often... but something's happened to every 9030 I've seen within a year or two.

General Comments

Again... a ten here. As an industrial guitar unit. This unit is not warm and expressive. The reverbs are not lush, they're cold and digital. The cleam sounds recall early '90's glam rock. Sparkling clear, but cold. With some programming, you can make beautiful noises with your guitar. Fabulous unit. Way different from everything else I've used. (SGX-2000, Quadraverb GT, several Digitech units, even the Zoom 3030)

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