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Sound Quality

I use a fender stratocaster and a fender front man amp. It is a bit noisey with the gain on it the whole way up (the first nob). I like the kind of metallic sound i cna get out of it. I tought myself how to play the incubus song glass pretty easily by watching the morning view sessions dvd.


This pedal is very well built and it is very solid i dont think it will break for a long time.

General Comments

I play alot of incubus and this pedal is great. I have been playing for aout two years. I have a boss ds-1 and an old ibanez flanger. If i lost it i would defenitly by another one. And if you a guitar player and you like incubus you defenitly need to get this pedal. But the only problem is is that it is discontinued. I think DOD shouldn't of discontinued this pedal.

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