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Sound Quality

Im using a very cheap guitar and amp, samick sa 11 strat copy and a univox 10 watt amp. i dont find it very noisy but it can get muddy if set wrong. When set right you can get anysound, it made my guitar and amp sound similar to a humbucker equipped guitar and a stack. I can get a pretty close metallica sound with this eq pedal.


I only had it for 1 hour so i dont know, if i can depend on it, its built very strong and looks well built so i guess it would be able to gig with.

General Comments

I play mostly metal and its great for scooped sounds. iv been playing for 3 years now and i use it with a zoom 505 2. if it were lost or stolen id get another one. i compared it to the danelectro fish and chips and its much better than the danelectro eq.

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