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Sound Quality

Generally speaking, I was very happy with it. I used the unit for about 12+ years. However, the distortion was a bit to dry, the delay is digital (yuck) and the wah-wah was probably the worst Ive ever heard. The chorus, flange and reverb are the outstanding sounds here. I ran mine through a Lee Jacskon sp-1000 amp, and a BBE 422 sonic maximizer. The BBE really helped the digital sounds.


This thing has been through hell and back... its gigged at many places... even the battery (thats supposed to be replaced every few years) was enever replaced, and it still works today... strange eh?

General Comments

If youre gonna use this, please buy an x-15 ultra foot controller to go with it. Im into Rush, Dream Theater, Jeff Beck other progressive stuff. For me, I was never totally happy... I recently dumped it for a few boss stomp boxes and a new Marshall TSL-122 combo. While effects can tweak your sound, theres no replacing a well made amp. The amp and guitar are your two priorities, effects are just the icing on the cake.

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