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Sound Quality

I use this as my fuzz. With the distortion maxed and the tone at about eight o'clock, I can get a great '60's-'70's fuzz sound. That's all I use it for.


I've had this pedal for 10 years with no problems, and it's gotten a lot of use both at home and at gigs.

General Comments

I've been playiong for 37 years.I play blues and classic rock. I only use this pedal as a fuzz effect and it works well for that. I've also owned Fuzz Faces, Big Muffs, and at one time a Univox Super Fuzz, and with the exception of the Univox (by far my favorite), which is long gone and would now cost 300 bucks to replace, this works as well as any of them at a fraction of the price. I use it without a backup all the time. I play a Fender Am. Std. Strat, and a Gibson Es333 through a Fender HR Deville 410. I also use a Crybaby Wah, Boss SD1 OD with TS808 mod, a DOD chrous, and an Ibanez Delay. If it was lost or stolen, or when it wears out, I'll probably try a Fulltone Octafuzz, or get one of those old '70's Morley Power Fuzz Wahs.

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