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Sound Quality

Im using the JMP-1 with an Ibanez RG-420,a 7 string corean Ibanez and Takamine GX-200 electric guitar. For power i'm using a JCM-900 mkIII with (EL-34)power tubes wich i believe is the first JCM-900 model to have been produced it has a single chanel.My JMP-1 is also combined with a Rocktron Intelifex for effects.For sound quality i play modern rock,Papa Roach,Deftones etc... which is mainly the type of sound i'm aiming for in my band.The OD-1 with my amp sounds ultra thick with a heavey string gauge wich is also very important if you want a thick tone i'm curently using dean-markleys.I'd say that i didn't believe i would would get the tone i wanted before i got the JMP-1,it gaved me the added flexibility and badness ASS-Kicking monstress tone i like and no you cant get that Mesa detoriated tracter tone with and integrated auto-wah,you only get aggresif modern distortion to vintage distortion with sustain to make other brands cry.The Clean easely matches the original tone of my amp and for noise it also respecfully mathes it.Effect-loops are good you only have to balance your effect-prossesor and your JMP-1 settings so that it doesn't distort,it takes carefull tweaking between the two and then you have it.


Globaly it is framed for war the only thing that i had to change is the preamp tubes cause one was frying beacon or something...And now that it has bran new tubes it just kicks-ass and wouldn't use backup cause the internal parts are reliable and besides that never got it repaired.

General Comments

For the history of the music i have listen to and played from Ozzy-Ozzborn,Stevie-Ray-Vaughan,to todays modern bands,i wouldn't have spent a day without Marshalls,preferably the JMP-1's extra edge gives me all these days including now.Using it with a good (tube) amp also

adds to the flexibility and tonefull quality,string selection as i mansioned,great cables etc...are all as important.The instruments itself depends on what style you play but for modern rock i recommand you have a humbucker on your guitars.I've been playing more seriously since 8 years and being alote with sound-techs i've learn alote about selecting gear and of course its all a mather of taste.If my JMP-1 were stolen or lost i'd without a doubt buy it again,its the hart of my sound.I'm sick and tired of seeing reviews of people that hate the

JMP-1 and recommending peavey preamps or other crap ther are to benchmark's out there that are respected and its the JMP-1 or the triaxis depending on your taste.If you want to be able to have a muddier aimed tone with retained sustain in most applications then the triaxis will suite you.If you want crispier,more defined tone with alote of sustained the JMP-1 is for you.I have tested bough machines each of them have ther own caracterestics its rather you want the marshall amp listing or the mesa listing,one is'nt better than the other its really a mather taste,for me i got the sound i like right out of the box with the JMP-1.But todays modern bands choose Marshall or Mesa,its not worth buying any other preamps.


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