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Sound Quality

the distortions dont give you much range but are usable, especially for recording. They dont sound great live, but good on tape. The effects and especially the reverb are pretty good. Unfortunately you must use a preprogrammed effect chain as your starting point, which limits you to certain ( 33 or so) set ups.


The pedal went out onme, I fixed it myself, my original unit had the optical sensing mechanism encased ina cardboard box (within the unit) , I had to replace the wires ( a tricky, for the solder enclined only operation) early on. swtill theresa bit of noise in the expression pedal. The rubber foot pad has come off and ben lost ( the smoth metal base pedal doesnt allow for spray adhesives to remount the foot pad). A couple of swithes broke eventually also, but they are cheap replacement parts form Digitech. The Eprom update is also available from Digitech Direclty. Otherwise when its tuend up and working a pretty good board for dependability. ( read that as no set up and play failures).

General Comments

Rock, fusion, etc. A good efx board, the floor board nature of the thing makes it a bit of a pain to edit, you practically have to have it on a desk to work with it. I have yet to try using it as a MIDI program sender/reciever. Im hoping it will be usable with my synth and midi rig.

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