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Sound Quality

I use the unit with a Marshall 80 watt valvestate amp. I use it "in line" ie, not in the effect loop. This is fine for low volume stuff (and keeping my neighbours happy). I find, however, that the sound quality suffers as the volume increases. I am generally happy with the sounds I get. I only use 3/4 different sounds anyway and I wrote my own patches, 'cos the factory presets are a little thin sounding. The factory distortion/overdrives are very processed. It is possible to get a realistic overdrive from this unit. I have a patch which is quite close to late 80's/early 90's George Lynch and sounds pretty good. Chorus and delays are good but phaser is harsh and tremelo/auto wah are not very good. High gain settings can be edited to sound good, but crunchy sound (Bluesbreakers etc) is poor.


I've had mine since 1992. It's an early model. It's never broken down. I've used it for studio work but wouldn't gig with it because of the sound quality at high volume. I have the floor controller which is all metal and very strong. Batteries go (but can last ages)and wipe the memory so beware, make a written note of your favourite patch parameters.

General Comments

I bought this unit when it first came out and I've used it ever since. You CAN find good sounds in it and I have some patches I'm really happy with. Although the unit is getting old, I would argue that if you have a sound that you are really happy with, why change? Just because there are newer units available this shouldnt be a reason to change in itself. Having said that, I'm keeping an open mind and am looking closely at POD's new units. I play mainly rock/metal and would recommend the 9030 for this type of music, particularly as used ones are so cheap thesedays.

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