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Sound Quality

I have a very simple and dry setup: A Gibson LP Standard plugged into a Marshall JCM 2555 jubilee amp which drives a 1922 Marshall speaker cabinet (2x12" Celestion G12T-75 speakers). The Boss pedal goes into the effects loop, which enables me to finetune the frequency bands after the pre-amp, and boost the level of the signal for leads. It's not very noisy, unless you totally cut or boost a band to +/- 15 dB. I experienced an unwanted distortion when I placed the pedal in front of the pre-amp because of the noise being amplified tenfolds by the diode-clipping on my amp. It made my sound sound characterless. Be sure to buy a Boss AC/DC 9 volts adapter, because that battery will wear out sooner than you think. Because my amp has only 1 EQ for both clean and distortion, I rely on my boss pedal to get a good clean sound with the same settings for distortion. I use these settings for distortion on my amp: Presence 10, Bass 10, Middle 10, Treble 6.5, Output Master 3, Lead Master 8, Input Gain 6.5. This gives me the distorted sound I want (no metal for me, hard rock a la Gn'R). Now, when playing a gig, I can't quickly change channels to get to clean *and* alter the EQ on my amp. So that's where the GE-7 kicks in. I boost the 100 hz and 3.2 khz bands and voila, a nice clean sound, no worries whatsoever. To get a nice lead-sound I just boost the level on the pedal to 3dB or so (that's theoretically twice the power).


It's a Boss Pedal! And from my experience, these are pretty unbreakable. No noticable click when activating the pedal is a big big plus. I only have 1 GE-7 so I'm forced to play without a backup, but as long as you got a 9 volts AC/DC adapter you're fine.

General Comments

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