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Sound Quality

I use a 78 Ibanez, a 86 strat and a 93 Carvin, a 83 Fender Twin, and a 92 Fender Super60 with a Boogie 4x12 cab. Sound quality is mixed. First off, I dont use this unit for its preamp. The preamp sounds like crap IMO, dead and lifeless with a hollow sound. I simply run the gsp through the preamp in my amps. The gsp's 2 tubes dont compare to my Twin's 5 preamp tubes. The effects in this unit are excellent. The distortions are great, with lots of options for sound. The tubes sound pretty damn good, the digital distortion can shred if dialed in. A drawback is that to get good sounds, you really have to fiddle around. My only complaint, if it can be one, is the digital reverb, which sucks, because there is no such thing as a good reverb without springs. The digital reverb in the gsp is not too bad though. To be honest, I dont use most of the effects as I prefer to use only dist, comp, noise gate, reverb, and eq.


So good so far in the 9 months I have had it.

General Comments

this is a good buy, for the right price of course. This was my first processor, after years and years of being a pedal purist. Since, I have sold most of my stomp boxes, except for a few fav, which the GSP cant emulate (fuzz face, dynacomp, and tube screamer).



Too bad this thing is so old, because the online support for this product is minimal. There are only 1 or 2 patch sites, which is really too bad. Then again, this thing's age means it will cost less to buy.

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