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Sound Quality

Most of the default programs are weak, but can sound quite good if you take the time to figure out how to dial them up. I use my RP-10 with a Peavey combo and get great sounds from it, leaving the amp settings at half all across the board and doing all processing within the RP-10. I also record straight-to-desk with it, although it can get noisy sometimes, calling for an outside noise gate.


In the five years I've used this thing I've only had one problem with it where it broke down during a practice. the next day it worked fine though and has never given me any other problems.

General Comments

The RP-10 has a special place in my heart, even though I am about to upgrade to a newer unit. I will keep it even then, because it has a lot of useful aspects that I continue to utilize, such as the diversity in sounds. You can get 'heavy metal' to 'lazy country' to church choir guitar and back. Plenty of options to choose from.

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