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Sound Quality

Hissing gets louder but that's because what is already there is being boosted. It's not the pedal's fault. It does what it's supposed to perfectly.


Boss = indestructable

General Comments

Guess what everybody? I use this thing and I don't play metal. From a quick skim of the reviews I must be the first. I play an American Series Tele thru a (slightly modified) Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I play in a 3 piece wedding/pub band and we do abit of everything EXCEPT metal. I've discovered after 30 years that a good Tele thru a good tube amp will do me for just about anything without the need for any effects. Sometimes I'll use a little bit of chorus (Boss CH-1) but otherwise I just use the guitar controls and the amp channels to change sounds. The EQ works abit like an extra channel. I usually just use it as a midrange boost for certain lead breaks and as a mild overdrive. Also, in some venues you can use it to compensate for dodgy room accoustics. It could also be used as a nastier overdrive if required.

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