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Sound Quality

I think it has already been said : the distortion and overdrive sound very bad. Even if it is possible to pre-equalize the distortion, it never has the sound you dreamed of. Delay is nice , reverb sounds a bit metallic, noise gate is not very good (a lot of noise is left even at high values). The chorus is allright but not very exiting. You will soon notice that only the 25 presets sound good. When you edit and create your own sound, the range within you can vary is small and most of the time you are limited to slightly modify existing presets, otherwise you will have problems.


It has travelled a long way since I bought it 14 years ago.. Has fallen from the amp, out of my bag, down from the stage. It has seen of lot of beer falling on it. It still works, only the editing buttons have become tricky and I sometimes have to fight with them in order to modify a setting. But, well , OK , I haven't been very nice to it.

General Comments

Well, it does what it does.... it is very easy to use. Very easy to take it with you and it sounds not that bad.

Anyway, don't ask too much on these foot-multi-effects. They will never have the sound of rack systems.

But...look at the price man! You can have a used one for a few dollars only!

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