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Sound Quality

now i have a problem here. my ice box has a loud hum that is present when the pedal is on. even when its off you can here it very faint. i treat this pedal well, so iduno what went wrong. the hum is bad, and so it is un-usable. it sits on the ground next to all my pedals, completely lifeless, because i dont use it. if it wasnt for that, i guess it might be descent. although its not true stereo like the new boss chorus ce-20 so thats tough as well...


im gonna take off the most points for the hum in this section, since without the hum it might sound ok. any suggestions on how to fix it are welcome.

General Comments

i paid too much for this now broken pedal. i cant use it cuz of the hum. also it didnt have a whole lot of range on it, especially with the high EQ. it could be good without the hum.

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