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Sound Quality

I use a Fender 57 Relic strat and a Samick amp.The distortion and delay are kick-ass!Giving some time to edit the patches,any damn distortion tone and delay tone can sound awesome and absolutely pro-level.This is where the pdeal scores way above Digitech.However,thge distortion can be damn noisy if you don't know how to set the noise reduction.Once it's done,you can sound like a king.The amp simulator is grrreat!!! You can get the closest sound to any guitarist you like.The Flanger is good,Phaser is good,Filter is awesome,but the chorus,wah and talker are PATHETIC!I would suggest install a Vox wah,a DOD chorus with this thing and it rocks!!


It is indeed very reliable but not at all suited for hot & humid conditions.The switches might fuck up once in a while due to dust or moisture accumulation.In that case,cover the switches,I mean ALL the switches with cellophane paper and wrap it tightly,insulating it from weather conditions.As far as rigidity is concerned,it's built like a tank,with solid metal body and very good backlit LCD and powerful LED.But no,I won't use it without a backup.

General Comments

This is a tremendous value for money investment.I play in a psychedelic rock band called INSOMNIA and as a guitarist playing psychedelic music,it is an exceptional pedal. Barring the limitations,it is an excellent buy and definitely scores way above Digitech and Boss ME 30.

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