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Sound Quality

the sound of this pedal is excellent and very natural. The depht control the amount of volume that the original travel, the speed control the speed of the volume changes, the fine to me sounds like a aqnother speed control but with some differences, the smoothness control the shape of the wave from square to sine(if you use the sine you can get some cool volume swells), the spacing control where you want to hear the tremolo is like that move the tremolo signal from left to right (i'm not speaking about speakers or stereo thats a panner). Is really friendly with other pedals, another good thing is that the led keeps you in time of the tremolo pulses this very good if you want to do some swells.


yeah, i would gig without a backup.

General Comments

I play alternative rock music, and its great. I'm thinking of getting the duo distorter and the phaseur fleur. I highly recomend this pedal for you who likes to experiment and always want new sounds, if you want check the sound samples on their pages. to me this is the most smooth tremolo pedal on the workld

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