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Sound Quality

With an EQ pedal the final sound is only as good as you are. Its that simple. I use it to add more mids and a touch more treble to a good basic tone. You won't lose anything in terms of definition and will make your solos stand out. Be careful though, do everything in moderation. It is possible to get some crazy sounds out of this baby - try boosting sliders 1, 4 and 7, cutting 2 and 6, and leaving 3 and 5 in the middle. Gives quite a good half-cocked wah sound. Try making 'shapes' with the sliders - some of the sounds suck, but others sound really cool. Used with an SG/strat/homemade and a Marshall amp this can sound like a lot of different artists. Just fool about. The only drawback is that this pedal can be quite hissy. It isn't noticeable except in very quite moments, and not when playing over it. This is something that could be cured by a noisegate, but it doesn't bother me too much.


This pedal (like all of BOSS' stuff) is well made and came in a pretty grey box. I wouldn't gig it without a back-up, but then that is only sensible. No problems so far.

General Comments

This is a good pedal. I can't say that I've tried many other EQ pedals but this is the most serious looking so it must be the best. Can't argue with logic like that, can you? As I said before, EQ pedals don't 'have a sound' - its something that you have to make for yourself. Try it and if your impressed buy it. If you're still not sure just buy it anyway, and be assured that you have a good product. Hey, if its good enough for Slash then its good enough for you.

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