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Sound Quality

I run a solidbodied guitar with high output humbucking pickups through this guy and into a 1976 Fender Princeton Reverb. The guitar overdrives the Princeton pretty well, all by itself. I use the ATTACKER, with the compressor set to maximum and the volume set to 2 O'clock to give me a tight, focused rhythm crunch with my guitar volume cranked way down. With these settings on the ATTACKER I can roll up my volume and go from semi-clean to scream with tight sounding chords and articulate note soloing. The Princeton can roll into fabulous harmonic feedback/sustain in seconds. It's great. Frankly, I never use the distortion knob. The unit produces a typical solid state vibe when the distortion is up. Sometimes I'll turn it up to 10 O'clock just for fun-to get the preamp tube into the slam zone but I don't really use the distortion knob when playing out. = By the way, this pedal is GREAT for pushing any of the Tubeworks/H & K all tube pedals into the slam zone. I dime the volume and compressor knobs when I use this guy in front of my Tubeworks REAL TUBE pedal. It kills!! GREAT for pushing the clean channel of a SS amp. Really warms 'em up for that great '70s rock tone.


I've always run this guy with a wall wart power supply. I've dropped it a few times and loaned it to people so I guess it has seen some abuse over the years. I will continue to gig w/o a backup.

General Comments

This is a good pedal for rock and blues styles. Combined with other distortion pedals, it really has a wide range of uses. I find it very versatile for my style of music. In front of a tube amp, it behaves wonderfully-better than my old Ibanez TS 808, which ain't no slouch in its own right. I recommend it to folks who want a tighter, more focused sound. It works great!

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