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Sound Quality

I play metal, pop, blues, and Christian rock and it suit my needs pretty well. When I'm live I use a BOSS GT-6 for amp modeling and for classic distortion sounds and at home I run it through a Fender Princeton Chorus amp. It can be noisy but that it due to the way I play, mainly at high, distorted volumes. Really full sounding, not really bright but it can still have some decent punch to it. I use all sorts of sounds on this guitar, my favorite is the beatbox sound (Inspired by one my guitar heroes: Lincoln Brewster!) There is a lot of variety. I don't like the way it "muddys" up when I play at high gain levels but that is most likely due to my playing.


It has survived me playing live so, that in and of itself is impressive! The finish does seem to be pretty tough but it will need to be cleaned really well. The strap buttons aren't good, I had to convert to Dunlop strap locks because my heavy duty strap kept yanking out the button. I do depend on this guitar, it has served me well.

General Comments

I haven't been playing long at all. I have this guitar, a Saga TC-10, and an Epiphone DR-100 guitar. I really didn't have any questions about it when I bought it. If it were stolen, I would go nuts and buy a replacement right away!!! I love the look, sound, and feel of this guitar. I don't really hate anything about it. I love the neck on it! I really don't compare this with many other guitars because I don't have that much experience. I wish it already had strap locks and push-pull coil tapping. Really nice axe and with Epiphone you don't have to spend a ton of money to get a great sound. Check this guitar out.

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