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Sound Quality

I am using it with an 80's Ibanez Artist with DiMarzio Pickups Norton (bridge) and fred (neck) I play Tool, rage, primer 55, anything with Ozzy, stuff like that. This isn't the god of all preamps but it will do the job. clean 2 is a fuller version of clean 1. od1 good classic rock sound. od2 good metal sounds (Deftones and Papa Roach) as well as Ozzy and the older metal. Will not sound like a Mesa so don't even think about it. The eq as mentioned before, is very limited. It's very quiet. Like I said you won't get a good Mesa sound from it but, it has killer sustain. And half the cost of a triaxis


So far so good, I got mine used and the fx loop didn't work. Besides that,nothing has went wrong.

General Comments

I've been playing for 11 years, I've owned lots for gear including a Fender twin reverb, TSL100 (don't buy it), a lawsuit Ibanez destroyer, an original phase 90 among other things. Right now my setup is this:


Ibanez Artist

Digitech Whammy 4

Boss TU-2

Dunlop 535

Marshall jmp-1

GCX switcher


Boss Bass EQ

TC Electronics G-Major

BBE Sonic Maximizer 264

Mesa 20/20 power amp


The best setup I've ever owned. I do wish that the preamp was more versital. But, for the price, I can't complain. I can't really compare it to the triaxis because I've never heard it. Overall a good value.


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