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Sound Quality

I use a ibanez RG270 guitar with the famous powersound pickups :) and actually, with the right EQ settings it sounds perfect, when you play just chords, those pick-ups sound quite ok... when playing lead it really sucks, but when i use a ibanez roadstar or a fender tele, the sound is of course much better.. The amp itself delivers a massive rocksound, so when you are using it in a band make sure they play steady as well. The distortion is ok, but i recommend using a distortion pedal though, but for the money this amp really rocks


I used it during a small gig, and it proves itself its really trustworthy, far better than the marshall valvestate amps... I got it only 2 month's, get's pretty abused but still i have none problems with it. *knock* *knock*

General Comments

I've been playing for four years, and I own only a ibanez RG270 + some acoustic guitars.

If it were stolen or lost, i actually would buy a h&k again, and buying a bigger amp

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