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Sound Quality

I play very aggressive metal and I am a firm believer that you do not have to turn the gain all the way up to get a heavy sound. I like the clean,I like the distortion and I think that the effects are half way descent to boot. I play a Marshall full stack,Roland srv-3030 effects unit,BBE 386 sonic maximizer and a Peavey classic 120/120 tube power amp. Jackson guitars


I use the unit daily,have been since I got it a year ago. Nothing has gone wrong with it in the time I've had it.

General Comments

I had the mp1 before this and I didnt like that one much. I was hesitent on selling that only to get the newer model. This thing is on a different level from the mp1 and do believe it is a trusty contender with the jmp & triaxis. But thats one mans opinions...who cares right? Oh I've been playing for twelve years.

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