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Sound Quality

the sweep is too wide. i'd rather have a pedal that was tunable for the sweet spot i'm looking for. this pedal does not "talk", but simply sweeps. but like others have said, it's different. too sterile and linear for me, tho.


mine's broken. soft stuff on the inside (felt?) got all ripped up from the action of the pedal. don't know why it doesn't work anymore. should work, but it doesn't. real squeaky too, probably from the messed up soft stuff.

General Comments

I played funk, and this pedal was a poor candidate for that style of music. I did get interested in the trim pots in the front of the unit. they could alter the sound and the sweep slightly. i would not buy this unit again, however. i think that anyone who thinks this thing is built to last is more impressed with the weight of the unit than i am. like i said, mine's broken so i'm pretty unhappy with it. other than messing with the trim pots, i did not put it through any excessively rough situations.

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