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Sound Quality

It sounds AWESOME! I love it. For years, the holy grail of sound to me was my friend's 56 or 57 tweed Fender Deluxe. I still love that amp. But this little guy does just as much, in my opinion. It's great. Clean up to about 10 oclock, then it just gets dirtier and dirtier. Nice creamy vintage-sounding distortion.


Nothing yet... I've travelled with it, played it a lot, haven't had any problems yet...

General Comments

I wish it were a 15 or 20 watter... That's my only problem with giving this amp a 10. I love it. Best $225(with the matching cab) I've spent on guitar equipment. Period. Do I miss the tone controls or anythign? No. If it sounded like crap I probably would, but it doesn't so I don't. I played a Fender champion 600 or whatever their little 5 watt amp is. This one was way better in my opinion... I've been playing for 15 years, and this little thing makes it all worth it. I've got a Jay Turser Moserite copy with a p90 and Eastwood Zippo pickup, a Chinese Tele copy with Fender guts, and a funky little Samick with 3 p90s. This amp loves them all, and sounds different with each one.

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