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Sound Quality

I am currently using a fenderstrat.I play bombtrack and heavymetal.It suits it pretty well except for the reverb and chorus but hey thats what pedals are for.It can make deep grunge sounds and clean distortion waves. The Distortion blasts my ears its sooo loud.


This amp can go through so much brutality it's unbelievable.The braces on the amp give it extra support. I give its reliability a 10! for the strength of this amp.Built to last/ never has broken down on me.

General Comments

Playing guitar for 5 years.If it were stolen I would buy a new one. Trust me its worth the money. I love this amp. I would comepare it to kustom because their amps suck so bad they can't handle the beatings or the rivetting sound, but a hero comes to my rescue and yours. It's crate.

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