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Sound Quality

I just used the headphone output, so far just experimented with the distortion sounds, and got a reasonable sounding one for a box of this vintage. I expected it to be noiser than eIt's no "COSM" modeling processor, although...


Haven't used it long enough for it to die...the jacks are mounted to the back panel, so the chance of a jack coming off the circut board is minimised. Front panel is a little flimsy, and my #2 knob has a parameter 'drift' problem.

General Comments

-I have to use this unit for a while, so far it meets most of my needs.

-Been playing for 20+ years, own multitrack recorders, synth modules.

-Can't buy it again new, have to search the want-ads for one, and they don't alway pop-up.

-STRENGHS: a lot of effects in a half-rack, having settings for bass make this unit a big plus, knobs on front panel, effects loop, level control on panel to adjust effect level,

-WEAKNESS: product support, better tracking on the pitch shifter (there's an annoying delay), crytic effects names. Wall-wort power supply.


-LACKS: no noise gate (at least I couldn't find one), "up/down" push button inputs for momentary switch control. Better control over the distortions, not arbitrary numbers for distortion settings, phantom power for MIDI footswitches.



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