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Fender FM-62SE Acoustic-Electric Mandolin

Sound Quality

The sound on this mandolin is fantastic for the price, in my opinion, and is what drove me to buying this instrument in the first place after playing one at mars music store.


despite lack of attention to the fine details, the mandolin seems to be solid and dependable. The tuners are really cheap making it a real bitch to get this thing in tune, but it does stay in tune pretty well once you get there. I will probably consider putting some better tuners on it in the future.

General Comments

I've been playing guitar for about 8 years but never owned or played a mandolin before. I am a big fan of bluegrass music and after fooling around on one of these at a music store I decided I had to have one. If you are a beginning mandolinist or a guitar player just looking to mess around on a mandolin then I would wholeheartedly recommend this instrument. If the mandolin was my main instrument however I would probably get something better. I haven't found anything else in this price range though that I liked as much as the fm62se.

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