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Sound Quality

I've had the pedal for about 4 years, but never really used it until recently. The placement is all important. Most amps have a 3 band EQ, Bass, Mid, Treble. I play with a very scooped mid sound, with the bass and treble up fairly high, didn't get too bad a sound out of it before. I've now got the GE-7 in the FX loop of the amp (running in serial so 100% of the signal is passed through the loop), with the mids turned up about 1/2 way. With the added 7 bands of EQ you've got so much more control over which of the mid frequencies you cut. It's added so much control over the sound that if you know roughly what you're doing you can get an improvement. Running it in front of your amp will give a more subtle effect. Essentially this allows you to change the level and frequencies of the signal that is passed into the amp, giving control in a similar way to adjusting the volume and tone controls of your guitar. Useful for boosting the signal form low-output pickups, or changing the pickup's sound. The pedal itself has a little bit of noise, especially if you use it to boost levels (but not a gret deal, and nothign a good noise gate can't handle)). One way of combating this is by not boosting any frequencies (I think there's another review in this list that says a simialr thing). If you treat the pedal as having a maximum of 0 (and not +15) and just cut everything around this (you can use the volume slider to boost teh overall level a touch, or just buy a louder amp) :) then it's pretty quiet. In the FX loop of an amp, it adds a lot more control to your sound, and can make a big improvement if it's set right.


It's a boss.

General Comments

Overall, it's now an essential pedal. I would hate to go back to using the amp without it.

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